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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Ashley

you know it was clearly a night where even the best sex you'll ever have would not matter...because it is so minute compared to a U2 show. No Doubt rocked tremendous ass and really blew the roof off the place. What a way to start a show??? I was positioned at the left side of the front row inside the heart so i was able to watch the irish rockers walk out on stage. They have such a breathtaking way about them. I was hooked on Edge all night like a fish to a line watching him tap his right foot with his eyes closed as he found the beautiful beats to rocks most uplifting and admired songs of our time.There was moments i was so in awe i felt tears slowly slide down my cheecks. There was a moment when Edge peered down and smiled at me when i told him "i love you" IN THE LOUDEST FALSETTO OF VOICE ONE COULD IMAGINE...!!! and he heard? HE HEARD INDEED. the concert rocked the setlist blew me away and bono and edge looked as damn fine as ever. I spent the last songs of the show conversing with Paul Mc Guinness and telling him one day he is gonna sign me. He is an uplifting man...YES INDEED. Now my night was perfect i was fullfilled. We went to dinner and then started driving and decided to go back to the staples center and see if u2 were gonna sign some autographs. about three in the morning bono stepped out of his car, in all his beauty and shook each persons hand and said a little something to us. While the only words coming from my mouth were "I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU BONO I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH" i also embarassingly blurted out "i can't help it he is so sexy"!!!!!LOL QUITE EMBERRASSING!!!! i shook his hand twice and his very hilarious body gaurd called me a double shaker. bono has such a calm about him that made me feel so loud and enormous. he is very tiny. hehe! edge signed my cd sleeve for atyclb. He told me never to give up on my guitar playing after i said to him "i love you and you are so inspiring on me and my guitar playing" HE WAS SOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOO SERENE!!! SO SWEET AND COMPASSIONATE. NEVER MET MEN LIKE THOSE TWO BUT IT WAS TRULY THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE...SO I ASK YOU... WHAT THE HELL IS SEX?

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