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by Jen Hutton

"Ring those bells Edge, ring those bells," Bono chimed during "I Will Follow," words that struck such a chord in my heart. They didn't play it last night, and was played in earnest and with such clarity tonight. I brought my parent's to the show tonight and they didn't sit for one precious moment.

We had seats tonight, not that they were utilized and it was a completely different experience to be away from the heart. I watched with such pride as I saw all those people with flailing arms, and just jumping around to the pure talent that is U2.

"Pride" was especially emotional as Martin Luther King's voice boomed and Bono screamed Amen! It seemed like it took longer tonight for the names of the September 11 tragedy to scroll on the monitors during "One," and it only touched me more.

What other rock star would tell that piece of crap Osama Bin Laden to kiss his bloody Irish ass during "Sunday Bloody Sunday," which only made the crowd get more crazy and fanatic. This Irish quartet has exhibited so much courage over the years that only now the rest of the world is truly seeing.

Each time I see U2 I know that its such a gift and I know I am experiencing something in my life that will never happen again, and I wonder how they are going to wow me again. And they do, each time they are stronger and more powerful than the previous show. Just stay safe tonight and forever boys.

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