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by U2 Bass Ace

What a night what a show!!!!

This was my 6th time seeing U2, the third on this tour and I would have to say very close to if not the best yet. The only night that compared was the PopMart show in LA when I was in the first row of the B stage. It was like having a private U2 concert with 100,000 looking on. but enough of that night.

First off No Doubt blew away PJ Harvey. Their set was filled with energy. It was nice to actually have an opening band that I really wanted to see.

Now to the show, what is there to say AWESOME. I had seats in the GA area about ten people deep on the outside of the Heart. It was very similar to were I stood during the San Diego show but the LA crowd was ten times cooler. There was no shoving and you actually had elbow room. Everybody remained in the spot that they started at. During the San Diego show there were many jerk offs who felt they deserved the front row even though they showed up late. But this is not to say the crowd wasn't in to the show. The electricity down there was unbelievable.

I agree with the people who said in past shows that the tour has taken on a whole new meaning since the attacks of Sep. 11th. It just seemed the emotions were running so much higher for this show. That goes for the crowd, "I saw many people crying" as well as the band and Bono seemed so full of raw energy.

After they sang the acoustic version of Please which was one of my favorites of the night. Bono and Edge were scoping out the front of the GA. I think looking for someone to drag up on stage. But there wasn't really any signs except for one I caught behind them. It just seemed such a human reaction, were typically you view a performer as larger than life. You could see them taking there time and just scanning the crowd. Then someone threw something on stage that I couldn't quite identify. Bono sorta picked it up and then threw it off the stage. His reaction was kinda a chuckle. At that point it looked like the gave up there search, but from up close it was just a neat exchange between Bono, Edge and the Crowd. I can't help but wonder if I had brought a sign "I would love to jam on Adam's Bass" I might have been pulled up. I expected many more people with signs, but in the end, there wasn't any.

All in all just a terrific night. I am definitly going to catch then next Monday. This is a band, a tour, a time that I think will never be duplicated. When my daughter grows up I don't really know how to explain it. But it just seems like these moments will never be repeated.

If you haven't caught the show do what you have to do to get there. It is truly a once in a lifetime tour.


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