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by scrittoresabino

This was my first true "total" concert experience. My freind and I arrived around 830 am to line up for the Heart. I saw them last night and was tired and sore. Time flew by as we met some cool people in line...Jose, Mike, Stella, Anne and ... oh darn I forgot her name (sorry). NEways, there was a lonely Bizarro Bono doing his pose all day long and it didnt even seem like he had tix poor guy. Ended up being #182 and got in the Heart on Adam's side. Again I told myself to save my energy for U2 and not blow it all during No Doubt like I did last night but I did NEways. No Doubt opened and played the same songs as the night b4 but changed the order slightly. Tonights setlist was GREAT. HIGH energy and much better flow and buildup than last night. They ended with Sunday Morning, and has anyone notived how much the rhythm and even guitar in that song, esp at the very beginning, sound like War era U2...perfect way to lead into U2. The Heart truely is Heaven. It didnt feel as spontaneous as last night (since that girl from teh U2 cover band EXIT got pulled up) but it was greatness anyways. Tonight every single song got deep inside. It was musical exstacy. And speaking of ecstacy, I was completley sober but was soooo in harmony with the music and the band that it took me to that level. I felt it in my chest it was sooooo powerful, better than being high. There were some really cool people around me who I didnt meet but had a great vibe, very excited and into the music. I was pogoing through most of No Doubt, and nonstop from Elevation to the end of "Until the end of the world". I kept landing on this guy behind me who was really cool about it. Later on I found out it was the guy from the "Stuck" video, haa haaa!!! I was stuck in a pogo and couldn't get out of it. Although I always want to hear bad it was GREAT to hear All I want is you... amazing live. New Years Day again really got to me (and it WAS my number one pick for U2 to drop) I was initially upset that I wouldnt hear Out of Control again cuz I heard it last night, but when I Will Follow came on I went balistic. They are really playing the older stuff with soooo much conviction. Bono's voice has been the best I've hear these last 2 nights in YEARS, He hit every note he attempted and even though he did go for some of the high notes, it did't sound or feel or look like he was holding anything back. In April you could see him hold it back a little. NOT ALL ALL THESE LAST 2 NIGHTS. He really went for it and nailed Kite. I'm still on a natural high, who needs drugs with U2!!!!!!! I can't even pick a highlight

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