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by Adela Benesova

It was the first concert in Prague..in Czech republic..like Bono said (i think maybe before Staring..): "We are panic to this country"

"Panic" mean 'virgin' (male) in czech..it's a very difficult language and also the plural should be 'panicove' but who cares?!! and of course (at the beginning) he said the name of Prague in czech ..that means..PRAHA :) and gave "The Pride" to our president Vaclav Havel.

During the show - the atmposphere was abslolutely fantastic..and Bono spoke between songs to us like (sorry, maybe not exactly): "the russians came with tanks, we, irish, came with a lemon" or "why hadn't we been here never before? it would be complicated to answer..i think."

Edge Karaoke: Born To Be Wild -- one of the most powerful moments, videos from the movie Easy Rider and text appearing on the screen so everybody could sing "like a true nature child we were born BORN TO BE WILD!!!"


The crew opened the gates few minutes after 2:00 PM and I was (of course) one of the first who ran across the stadium to take the best place and I was exactly by the barriers! In the first line. The girl, who bono later took to dance with him during "Miami" was maybe 10 people right to me.

Then we waited 7.5 hours, standing and "afraid" and almost unable to move - I was sitting maybe 15 minutes - but it was a good place - It was there where the lemon landed. I saw everything..the band, the screen..bono's blue eyes. I'd never seen eyes like this before!

7:45 PM- support: Howie B. wasn't bad but we wanted U2! ..and when they came ..and the music started ..something happened, something exploded, we stepped into an avalanche, it covered up my soul and I only remember that I sang all the songs, I was screaming and didn't see anything except the band. And those blue eyes.

Well, it was a great showy show, - great screen, great videos, great lights, great t-shirts..but what was the reason why people came there and what was the best of all? ..... M U S I C of course !!!!!!

I hope U2 will come to Prague again and my English wasn't so bad.

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