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by James

I was attending college in Corpus Christi with my buddy Lance and we drove up to Houston to see the show. We sat in the upper prom to the right of the stage facing in.

When U2 walked out onto the stage, The Summit erupted. Lance and I, as well as everyone else, stood during the entire show. No one wanted to sit down!

11 O'clock was a perfect intro as it moved everyone to their feet. I especially liked Seconds with it's methodical rhythms and introspective lyrics, which were appropriate given the time.

The encore included Gloria, which gave a sense of crescendo as the concert ended and Lance and I went to Buzz's for an after concert party!

Maybe it's the twenty years since or maybe it was Buzz's party right afterwards, but that's about as much as I can muster. Oh yeah, I remember wearing a black Calvin Klein jacket!

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