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by Jeffrey Matis

The opening band Rage Against the Machine screamed for about 35 min. I was happy to see them get off the stage! Bono and Co. took the stage at around 9:20. The huge screen displayed the Pop Mart logo and M's Pop Music started. The group entered from the rear of the stadium, as images of them appeared on the screen. The set list was the same from the previous 5 shows.

Our original seats were 49 rows up around the 50 yard line. We decided to move to the upper level in the center with a straight on view of the stage. I was surprised to see so many empty seats, entire sections were vacant. This show was designed to be seen from a distance, I liked being further away from the stage because I could take it all in. The arch, screen and lemon were visually stunning.

I felt like the band was reluctantly going through the motions to perform the classics like pride, streets, and w/ or w/ out you, while they did cuts from the current album more energy. I have seen U2 6 times before Pop Mart, always enjoying the show, I liked this tour a lot yet, I felt it lacked the feeling of past tours. The show was great, but it ended very abrubtly after One, and it seemed the crowd had trouble getting into the new material. All in all a good show.

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