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by Jon Pisto

I just got in from Phoenix. What a mind numbing show!!!! When they sang Discotheque and the lemon was throwing millions of sparks of light all around the stadium that was a showstopper.

Bono and Edge hung around after the soundcheck Friday afternoon before getting into the limo and gave out lots of autographs and they were really cutting up with the crowd. I shot 24 pixs of them and my roll was finished. Those guys are so friendly!! Larry and Adam, now that's another story. They walked straight into the limo and just waved. The crowd in Phoenix was really into ROCKING out with the boys. They served no alcohol and I think that was a big plus. No fights that I saw. Everyone was into having a blast and singing with Bono. I stood the whole concert and it seemed like it lasted only 30 minutes. Same set as the others. 2 1/2 hours total. I could kick myself for not taking my camera. There were so many flashes it looked like a strobe show!! No security hardly at all. I gave the girl my ticket and just walked in. They were searching no one. This was at 8:40pm.

A really memorable moment was when Bono sang IGWSHA and the entire stadium was lit up with thousands of lighters. These boys know how to have fun and put on a real show!! After last nite I am making plans to fly to other concerts. It was that incredible. I was standing in the second row on Edge's side and the screen was clear for me.

Bono haunted the stage like some hyper alley cat. Strutting and gesturing to the crowd for approval. Edge was in perfect form playing his guitar like it was his last night on earth. At the end of Please, Larry and Edge kicked into SBS and the crowd started going wild screaming at the top of their lungs. But to no avail. Bono kept screaming PLEASE... over and over again to the riffs and beats of SBS. Then they broke into WTSHNN.

All in all it was a once in a lifetime show.

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