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by Jeff Smelser

Well. One question kept popping up in my mind, " Who do these guys think they are?"

This was my 8th U2 concert and probably my last. The first time was on the Boy tour in 1980. Overly critical you think, well, maybe. My frustration lies in the fact that they just don't play MY kind of music anymore. What do I mean by that? It's like this. First let me preface my comments by saying that I have never begrudged a group its right to play their new material. So separate those songs out and call them keepers. That leaves the older stuff. Of all these songs that they played, I could have picked a better and more rewarding piece off that particular album; i.e. sack Mysterious Way for the Fly - sack Pride for Homecoming - sack Still Haven't Found... for In God's Country. See? I wish they would've contacted me when creating their setlists. It could've been a much better show. The only musical delight was when they played their Batman song.

Larry was right, "It's a musical journey," but this train just backed into the station.

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