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by Neal P. Weichel

I could spend hours writing about this show and comparing it to zoo/joshua/ amnesty, etc., but suffice it to say when you are standing 6 feet from Bono and the boys next to the catwalk/b-stage its incredible! I saw Vegas and musically they were much stronger and tighter-still that close you can see them talking gesturing etc-trying to get the flow down-by LA they were stronger and by Seattle ... I cant wait!

Some additions to what others have said-my only disappointment with this tour is the lack of talking/fan interaction of tours past-you really marveled at Bono's ability to connect and that isn't nearly as present here-I guess its not as conducive with this kind of show but this was his birthday and I guess I was just hopeful for a little more fan participation/ad libbing etc.

Nevertheless moving gone up in the set was brilliant and the "Love, love, love" chant he did at the end of DYFL into Pride was just exceptional! Also he did a humorous anti-Meacham rap into Pride and a rap of Bona Sera in the middle of Miami and I'm gonna live in America-from Evita in the middle of Bullet the Blue Sky-and a no time for sorrow/no time for pain" rap in the middle of Streets-not the whole Playboy Mansion song and I understand there have been variations since-it may seem trite and I do want them to expand and change as a band but I would absolutely kill to see Streets done as in tours past where the beginning-so haunting-is played in darkness and then crashing into that blaze of light as the instruments kick in-its as close to a U2 epiphany as there is and I miss it-still this band was on in Tempe and there is no one else in the biz close to them and this show!!

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