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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Angela Coyle

Friday, 17th March Sydney Football Stadium Rocked To U2 in a way no other band can encourage its audiences to do in such a large aurroundings. The early downpours did not dampen the crowd's spirits. Atmosphere became electric aided by the lightening display resulting in a stadium lights-off demand by Bono.

Pointing to the amazing stage show, quote of the night was from Bono "Do you like this shit? I hope so - you paid for it - Thanks for giving us a great life." showed Bono genuine gratitude to his fans.

Highlights had to be tribute to Michael Hutchence -- "Just wanted to say goodbye in front of your family, friends" while photos of the late star appeared on the enormous TV screen. "Never Tear Us Apart" blared while the stadium cleared of people.

Best tracks had to be "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "Staring At The Sun", "One", ...though all others were a joy too!!

Bono is indeed a unique artist with a unique persona - one shame of the night was the lemon breaking down and the stodgy walk home!!!

Bono stated on the Mardi Gras televised show that they were a hors d'oeurve whereas I think they were the real thing!!

I attended the Wembley gig which at the time I thought was pretty hot but it paled in comparison to this one boys!!

Excellent night - well worth the 100 dollars ticket price.

Cheers lads!!!

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