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by Alison Blacklock

What could I possibly begin to say that hasn't already been said about this concert and the whole tour? Not a lot, but with every individual they have their own unique experiences and fond memories. For me that included meeting lots of other fans that I got to know rather well, going with the people that I went with (big thanks to my older sister Suzanne, her boyfriend Michael and his brother Joe) and most importantly the music and the fan interaction with the band.

What an amazing concert it was despite the rain and the lemon breaking down for the second and last time on the whole tour! The classics went off and the newer material was well recieved and to see a stadium full of people start clapping, cheering and get up to lots of other stuff was breathtaking at times and funny, eg. the guy that climbed the tower and and had to be brought down by security!

For all the madness I had to go through to get the tickets and to get to the concert I would do it all again and I'm sure that many fans would agree!

P.S. Big thanks also has to go to my dad who braved the cold with me at 5.30 in the morning the day tickets went on sale and to my sister for letting me crash at her place for the night of the concert.

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