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by Blair

I can't believe it has been ten years since my first U2 concert. My friend, McCaila subscribed to Propaganda and bought tickets through this service. We arrived in Minneapolis early and decided to head to the newly built Target Center. Four or so hours before the show Bono and the Edge were out in front signing autographs and being gracious. Bono was wearing his signature brown leather, fleeced ligned trench coat. Inside, our seats through Propaganda were awesome, center floor, about 20 rows back, right up against the small stage. The Pixies (God rest their souls) opened up with an intense set, but it was clear who the crowd was waiting to hear.
The boys walked on stage dressed in their Achtung atire. Bono strutted on the stage last to "Zoo Station." The set list is accurate, but it does omit the fact that Larry actually sang a song by himself half- way through the show, I don't remember the name of it, Bono introduced as Larry's first singing gig of some ol' Irish beer drinkin' song.
Since we were right up against the satelite stage we particularly enjoyed the set of three or four songs next to us. I'll never forget the Edge dropping his guitar pick between songs and my friend McCaila picking it up and giving it back to him, he just smiled at her and carried on. Lucky Girl! A few more memorable moments came when Larry came to the small stage and a rope dropped from one of the hanging Euro cars that was doubling as a mirror ball. Larry showed off and spun the car to lead into Lou Reed's "Satelite of Love." Finally, I'll never forget "Ultraviolet" and "Love is Blindness" towards the end of the show. Each song sung with the bitter sweet sense of the power of tainted love. This capped a lifetime experience that I will never forget.

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