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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Steve C

I'd been a U2 fan since War but hadn't been able to see them live until the Joshua Tree tour. That was truly a love-in show. It was almost spriritually uplifting and fulfilling...simply amazing.

Zoo TV was as different from the Joshua Tree concert as are their corrosponding albums. Zoo TV was such an intense, mind-blowing experience it left you dazed.

As I watched the show I realized I was watching a live show that no one had ever even tried before. U2's reputation for being the best live act ever had been well-earned, but this show simply pushed that bar even higher. This show truly married the music to the media and modern culture. ZooTV also brought about the "unplugged" B-stage that so many bands later employed, including the Stones. U2 simply does not get enough credit for the level of innovation and showmanship they have brought to the live rock show.

I hesitate to compare U2 shows as one being better than another...and JT was a fabulous show in a very different way. But I can absolutely say that I've never seen anything like Zoo TV before or since, and it is still the single best concert I've ever seen, period.

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