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by Drew


Thanks to everyone for their posts, but there is no way that a post (even this one) can ever bring the sheer emotional power of this show.

After just missing out on the wristbands, I was lucky enough to hook up with Curt (see his review above) and his family for the long, long wait to let us in. It was worth it, as we perched ourselves 15 feet left of the tip of the heart.

Its been said a hundred times, here is 101, if you have GA, get there early, and get to the front - it is the most emotional, stunning and PHYSICAL U2 experience you can possibly have.

I was reminded of Bono's defense of the GA seating, stating that European audiences have always had this physical side to their shows, because of the GA. I couldn't agree more, the rush, shock and pure excitement of watching Bono do what he does from 4 feet away is absolutely unmatched.

The set list is out there, so I will just focus on a couple of personal highlights.

1. In a Little While - to the guy in the white T-shirt, inside the heart with the dropped jaw and stunned look - what an image. Bono's voice was unbelievable for that tune and it broke our hearts to see your reaction and the thought of Joey Ramone passing away to "slow down your beating heart"...

2. Bad. What can I say. I honestly never thought I would ever see this live. I didn't know how I would react - I knew it would be deep and emotional. For years I dreamt of singing along with Bono. I couldn't muster a single word. From the first sound of Edge's intro, I completely broke down, reduced to sobs and sweaty tears for the entire song. I was in a place I didn't know existed and wasn't sure I ever wanted to leave. I'm in tears know, just remembering it.

An absolutely amazing night, a great crowd, and an amazing performance from a band that cares, that is out there trying like hell to show their appreciation.

Well, I want to show mine.

Thank you U2.

Last night will never, ever fade away.

I will never 'let it go'.


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