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by Tim

One word described this show: Fantastic
This was the 5th concert I've ever been to and the 1st one dealing with U2. I expected a great show but was given a moving perfomence that gave me goosebumps everytime I heard the Edge's opening's and the crowd singing along to the anthems.
I had not read any reviews of any previous shows so the Elevation opening with the lights on was startling and thats why it ws so cool. That song was easily one of the top 5 songs on the night because of how it was played and how the atmosphere seemed to be during that song.
On the new CD the song New York is not one of my favorites but during the night it was in the top 10 list of how it came across. It seemed to have more life and feeling then how it comes across on the CD, but that me be because I was 10 feet awy from Bono on the floor. So that was a good suprise.
I was all pumped to hear Sunday Bloody Sunday but that turned out to be dissapointing because of the fans. Nothing is wrong with that, it's just that everyone knows it and sings along so it drowns out the instruments and makes things sort of blurry. But the opening drums by Larry on that one of the highlights.
I was also a little disapointed not to hear anything off of POP. I know many people hate the CD but I don't mind it. I saw that at a couple of shows they did a Medley of songs from it and I was hoping I would hear that but I suppose they can't play every song they have to please everyone.
It was good to read on what happened to Bono when he jumped onto the floor fans. From what I saw he just dissapeared into the crowd and ground. After that happened it took awhile to get the show going again. That's when the security gaurd came through with the people. He was saying that the show wouldn't start up again until he reached the front and we were finding that hard to believe. That was strange and everyone around me was pretty stubburn on letting the guard and the others through.
Listening to this concert gave me a sense of pure enjoyment, I may have been dissapointed with some songs but during every song I was still very pleased and if not singing along I don't know if the smile could've been wiped off my face.
This was a great concert and left glowing. I will try and get tickets for the next tour if they go out again, which I hope they do since they can still rock and put on over 2 hours of fun. Thank you U2, it was fantasic.

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