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by BuddyB.

Breathtaking. Unbelievable. Whatever I say, it's not even close. I've seen this band at least a dozen times, spread out over 3 tours, and I never thought they could outdo themselves. I challenge anyone to name any band that even gives half the performance I saw last night.

I have to laugh at some of these "reviews" with the little nitpicking here, little nitpicking there...whatever "mistakes" were made, any other band would be proud to make every night for the rest of their careers.

I'm a bit jaded, and I was hesitant to buy into all the glowing reviews I've read subsequent to last night. Believe them...all of them. My wife was left sobbing, I was left breathless; after "Bad" I wanted the band to stop - I just couldn't handle anymore. I was left emotionally spent, only to have to muster the energy to sing and dance to "One" "Streets" and the rest.

Two Observations: The audience in Minneapolis was simply thunderous, and the band knew it. Adam and the Edge couldn't wipe the grins off their faces. I am so PROUD to be a part of last night's show.

There have been some who carp at the band's "lack of energy". Yeah. Whatever. This band played FULL TILT for over 2 HOURS. I know these nitpickers will one day look back and think, my God, that was the best show ever. I knew it while I was a part of it.

The show was so good, I DON'T want to see them again. I'm afraid I just couldn't deal with the emotional power and feeling of being connected I experienced. Unfortunately, I won't be able to see other bands as well; once you see the greatest band in the world...what's the point? Peace to all, especially the Minnesota crowd that made the show happen in the first place. And thanks to Bono and the boys, who are grateful enough to know where it all comes from. :-)

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