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by james_READTHIS!!!!<<<

Where to begin.....first of all, it's been a few days since the show, and i cannot believe some of these poindexters who write two page reviews critiqueing and critisizing every bit of the show. It's as if they went to the show to write a report on it, not to have an experience of a lifetime. Maybe they've seen so many shows they are just desensitized to the whole raw energy and emotion. shame shame.
Anyhow, As for me, i'm a U2 fanatic for many years now, and this was only my first show for this tour. Let's just say it was possibly the greatest night of my life. I was right at the apex of the heart no more than five bodies back from Bono. I was in extreme shock. I worship this man!! the whole thing is still sinking in. I traded my golden circle tickets straight-up with a scalper for GA, and god was it worth it. Moving on, there was so much more of a show than i expected with the lights and screens and all. I knew the show was going to be amazing, but somehow it topped that.
For me, the surprising highlights were kite, streets, and bad. I never thought i'd get to here bad live (it felt like the 80s again!). it was unbelievable, especially with the 40 sing along at the end. But then comes STEETS. man, i never expected that song to take me so far off the ground. that, i have to say, was the greatest of the night. Kite was beautiful. This was the only part in the night where i started to kind tear up, while even trying to hold it back. It was me and my best friends from high school reunited for maybe our greatest common link: U2. If you go, let kite take you away, cause it will. So, go see the show everyone. It's a memorable experience. I think i'm gonna fly out to Boston now to see them one more time. hopefully i can find some tickets. -James

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