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by kathy

From the brightest star...

If U2's promise to stay together as long as they remain relevant rings true, they will be elevating our souls for a long time to come.

Since the First leg of the tour concluded, America has suffered the catastrophe of Katrina and braced ourselves, literally as Bono spoke, for the wrath of Rita. Two nights prior to the Minneapolis show, the Twin Cities was struck by tornadoes. With all this natural devastation, we needed U2. We needed Bono to reassure us about what is best about us, that the rest of the world cares and that we've got to carry each other. We
needed hope, and hope they gave us.

When Bono praised America for its Hurricane relief efforts and began to sing Pride, I was overcome with love for my country and compassion for the people of the Gulf Coast. I held up my American flag. Bono saw it and motioned for it saying "give it to me". I rapturously put it in his hand and he reverently lay it on his monitor where it remained.

This transcendent state continued as the boys sang Streets and I had a clear sense that this is what heaven will be like. This continued into Bono's inspired operatic performance on Miss Sarajevo; Where did that come from?

Fate was my friend as we met and shook hands with the most decent and relevant band of our time, and stood almost front center of the ellipse. Fans were screaming for themselves and their lives - the energy raw, pure and essential. We gave everything we had to the ones who gave us back to ourselves. The goal is soul.

This was an experience. Laura from MI; don't ____ with the feeling. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Sean with security; you da man. The security guard who allowed my friend (pink hat girl) to take 2 people into the ellipse; are you my angel? Our Atlanta friends; we're better people having been together. Fans,especially in the ellipse; you live by the plea of our band: equality and respect.

My best friend (pink hat girl) faithfully got my flag back to me. I slept with it under my pillow, dreaming that all things are possible.

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