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by wjmp

Friday Sept 23rd was an end to my U2 concert drought since October 2001. This show was a lot different than my last at the Target Center on May 1, 2001. I was up against the heart-shaped barricade in 2001so close that the girl next to me was serenaded by Bono during Until the End of the World in 2001. It was a lot different seeing U2 play from a lower level seat this year.

It was great to be able to see the stage in all its glory ( it truly is an amazing extravaganza of lights and movementmuch better than the elevation tour ), but Id prefer to be down in the pit where you might even get sweat on you one of the band members walking by.

I came to the concert hoping for a few songs:

1. The Electric Co.
2. Wild Horses
3. Miss Sarajevo
4. The Fly
5. In a little while

The highlights of the show for me were City of Blinding Lights, The Electric Co. , Bullet the Blue Sky (as always), and Yaweh. As a huge fan I am also a critic. Im the kind of person who has a hard time being surprised by U2 ( I pretty much know what they will play based on what guitar The Edge has over this shoulder). I was not happy to hear The Ocean where it was in the set listit just seems to ruin the upbeat mood of the fast-paced songs at the beginning of the set list. The two other songs I havent enjoyed on this tour are Elevation ( it was great as the opener to the elevation tour, but doesn't really come off as well how they perform it now) and Pride (it needs a rest, just as New Years Day).

I was a little let down with the first encore. The entire tour U2 has come out with fast-paced songs like Zoo Station, The Fly, Until the End of the World, and Discotheque (trust me, I look on u2tours just about every day) . In Mpls they came back out and started with The First Time. Im almost positive that this is the first show on the tour where they didnt come out with a fast-pace group of songs. I guess I was just really pumped to see them come out and rock the house and instead they did an acoustic set. I will admit that I was very very happy to hear Wild Horses live though (one of my favorites).

Anyways, it was awesome seeing U2 again. Theres not a doubt in my mind that they are the best live band in the world these days. I when with a good friend to the show (whos never seen them play) and she cried because she was so impressed with this band. It was just an amazing and emotional ride.

U2 is nothing less an amazing band whose music and stage presence has a special place in my world. I cant wait to see them in Omaha in December!

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