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by Paul

A great night. The show really took off from Streets onwards. Looking around from the floor even fans in the nosebleeds were on their feet, jumping around from that point, after starting off somewhat subdued.

Bono's voice was in very good form - sustaining the notes well on the "luuuuuuuuurv" of Love and Peace, the "siiiiiing" of Sometimes, the opera of Miss Sarajevo, and the wide awakes of Bad.

The whole band seemed in a playful mood. Bono was messing about with Adam kneeling down and grabbing his leg, kissing him, and finally performing with him at the tip of the Ellipse during Streets.

It was a great surprise to see what initially seemed to be a large portion of the Ellipse, but turned out to be about a dozen One campaign volunteers, invited up on stage during One.

Bono was in heavy flirtatious mode tonight with his female friends. He was down on his knees leaning the side of his head against the belly of the girl he invited onstage during Mysterious Ways, whilst she stroked his hair.

It was good (especially being the first of the two December nights in Boston) to see the band loose enough to break with the setlist and add All Because of You and Fast Cars to the end of the show.

The loudest cheers of the nights welcomed the Boys back on stage for All Because Of You. As it ended Bono raised his finger for one more song. He introduced Fast Cars as being a song from "one of the Irish colonies - England". At the very end of the night he said something like "who would finish the night off with a song you don't know? We would!" and then the house lights came on fairly quickly.

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