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by Marti

Bless me father for I have sinned; this was just my 3rd time to church this year. First was May 26 Boston (with my beautiful sister), second Oct 3 Boston and third was last night -- incredible show even though I felt like crap.

The band was amazing, truly on. Bono's voice was great and he seemed very into it. He was very playful with Adam, kissing him and I almost thought, grabbed his rear? During All Because of You, Bono walked behind Adam and put his tamborine above Adam's head, like a halo. The grin on Bono's face was priceless.

During UTEOTW, I thought it was Bono chasing Edge around the ellipse. Bono was running at such full force and then Edge stops and stands behind Larry, seemingly for protection. Adam is right in front of Larry, facing him and Bono hangs back. As if he knows not to mess with the 3 of them!

The signs did seem to be in abundance, but I had the opposite impression of one reviewer--that Bono was a bit sick of them. Early on, he reached for one sign and then laid it face down across the stage. Later he grabbed for another sign and promptly tore it in half. No idea what was on either sign.

Bono was quite flirtatous and mentioned that even "though he was a married man, he could flirt can't I?" To which the crowd seemed to shout back "we expect nothing less from you!"

I think the band loves to play "I Will Follow" in Boston. Oh yeah, and Elvis was in the house (actually the ellipse, front row).

That 3rd encore was an incredible surprise. I really thought they were done and told my husband, "that's it." But there was something in the air that made it feel like they weren't done. I had never heard Fast Cars before - I know - sacrilege! Had no idea what they were playing. But what a performance of it! And Bono's departing comment -- something like "what kind of band goes out on a song nobody knows?" Only U2.

A note to those with dwindling hope: We got our tickets at 7:20 pm at the box office. We had been told tickets had been released earlier in the day and that was probably it. We waited along with a very small line of people at the box office and they slowly released a few tickets at a time -- 4 here,1 there and then 2 for us! Blessings aren't just for the ones who kneel. Luckily.

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