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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by iHaveVertigo

Well at 16, this was my first concert and it really was something. Just looking at the setlist, it was an amazing concert, in excess of 2 1/2 hours, and with 3 encores! the band was great. Bono was almost flawless, the edge never faltered, and larry and adam just played strong. I heard some songs i wasn't completely expecting, such as I will follow very close to the beginning of the show, which was a big part for me, and fast cars at the end. i had a great time out there, it seemed like the crowd waqs really into it, and if you havent seen the lights of the vertigo stage, you are missing out on something huge. how they do it is beyond my knowledge, but the flashing lights, going right along with the music, and the neon lights lining the stage were simply amazing.

The biggest disappointments were no New Year's Day, or Gloria, two of my very favorite songs. i thought new year's was a given, but not so. i would have loved to also hear electric co or an cat dubh live

Institute was not as good as i thought they would be, being very hard rockers, and Gavin's stage antics were horrendous, but they were a good intro nonetheless. they were about 6/10. i don't think gavin knows how to use the mic so that people can hear him.

Bono and the gang love boston. he even told us not to "give our love to any old rock or hip hop star that comes here." they are a boston band, they love us, and we love them. they put on an amazing live show. people say bono is way past his prime, but anybody who can sing that well, let alone for 6 months strong with countless more ahead of him, definately deserves respect. i may go to many other concerts in my life, but there is no band, no one who will compare to U2 live.

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