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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Kate

U2 was astounding; absolutely, mind-blowing. The crowd, equally as impressive, devoured the bands energy. Of course, they gave us a lot to be crazed and thankful for with their perfect set that lasted nearly two and a half hours. The highlights:

1. 'I Will Follow': still fresh after twenty years; 2. 'Still Haven't Found': nice moment; 3. 'Miss Sarajevo': lovely song and perfect fit; 4. 'Streets': crowd reaction mixed with Bono's soul made it hardcore; 5. 'One': exceptional tonight; 6. 'Stuck in a Moment': simply, it's [one of] my favorite song[s] and loved it; 7. 'Bad': indescribable; 8. 'Fast Cars': unexpected and fun.

Two other non-music highlights: 1. Bono's story about The Edge being from The Future. It was completely absurd, and I would not have had it any other way; and 2. Until the End of the World when Bono spirited around the ellipse as The Edge chased him, while still playing the guitar.

Bono was spot on perfect tonight: charming, witty, candid, and flirty (he was so good that he made me feel traitorous all night, since I desired him instead of The Edge a nearly impossible feat). He entered stage, acting thrilled at their Boston return: "Don't want you all giving your love to every old rock stars or hip-hop stars that come through town. This is a U2 Town!" And the crowd -- 25,000 -- erupted in zealous agreement. The night was golden from there on.

The last encore summed up the whole concert. They were fresh, vivacious, and brilliant. Bono was fun and on fire. The Edge was Godly. Adam and Larry were solid and delightful too. But, when they deicide to play 'Fast Cars' it almost seemed like for a millisecond they were going to stay all night. We wanted them too. I would have stayed forever.

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