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by Achtungbaby1366

I think the post by Bonovox summed things up perfectly. Last night in Boston was a stunning performance by U2. I have seen the band four times in my life, one Elevation and last night was my third Vertigo concert.

Four things I really took from last night:

1) I really don't understand U2 fans out there that bash the new material or say it doesn't stand up to Achtung, JT, etc. HTDAAB and ATYCLB are amazing albums. How great was Stuck in a Moment last night? Vertigo rocked. COBL soared. ABOY and Fast Cars felt like all time classics. Give these new songs time to age and I think U2 fans will be craving for them like they do Bad and Streets now.

2) I finally experienced Bad live last night and I would now like to join the bandwagon of U2 fans that rave about hearing it live. Amazing. It was great to hear With or Without you as well. Yes it would be great to hear songs that we rarely hear live, but it is also a treat to hear a classic. U2's most popular songs are played most often for a reason. They are usually the best.

2) Insert cliche :) I was in the second to last row in the balcony last night. Basically the furthest one could be from the action. But U2 made me feel like I was in the bomb shelter. Section 309 was rocking last night.

3) Insert 2nd cliche, sorry :) I really feel like I had an experience last night. Not a religious experience, but an experience of joy when I left the arena. U2 connected with me last night in a way I never thought possible. I loved my previous three shows, but there was magic in the air last night and U2 clearly sensed the special moment by delivering the unprecidented third encore.

As I was leaving the arena two girls randomly looked over at me and said it will take five days to come down from the show. They said they were high on U2. I guess I was too.

I can't wait for Hartford to close my year out.

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