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by arend

Its been a while, but the concert still feels as if it only happened yesterday.

What a night, what a performance this was U2 at their very best.

Most of the things have been said here already, however, this was my third concert of the vertigo Tour for me (I did one more), and it happened only by chance. I had to attend some meetings in the first week of December, and when I looked at the Tour schedule, I realised that I could catch them again in Boston, after having the same luck in May, and seeing them in Cardiff in the summer.

I wanted to get to see them once more, but this time I only wanted to go if I could get up and close in GA. I have never done the GA experience ever before; so was a little nervous about being crushed. I managed to scrape a GA ticket, and decided, since I would be jetlagged anyway, to get there early and try to get as close as I can.

I was in the mid hundreds when I got there for 8 met some great people. We did not get scanned for the ellipse, but being on the edges side, right at the end of the rail was good enough. As I am on the tall side, I tried to stand back a bit, so the other could see. Still great. I met some great people around, and the whole a

On with the show itself it was easily the best I have heard. The band sounded fresh and rested and gave it all. It was also nice to see that they were having a blast as well! I really wanted to hear Miss Sarajevo and this was really amazing live. It was great to see the Boston Flagship invade the stage but even more amazing was how the band reacted and Edges solo went on forever. Never have I been that close, and never have I heard the ringing of the Edges Guitar during Sunday Bloody Sunday as driven as that before. It was great to hear that the band worked out how to play Original of the Species finally, and what a performance. I loved the race around the ellipse during the Until the end and then they did this great version of Mysterious Ways.

We still were in for the highlight mixing Stuck Yahweh- and Bad/40 was really touching and with Bonos speech about the suicide of a friend even more poignant. There was a girl next to me you suffered a bit from the heat inside during 40 I really like to send her the pictures, so it would be nice if she would send a message to me as well. The single torchlight pointing at the microphone was beautiful and we were getting ready to leave, when we suddenly go some more and the whole band was smiling! I had hoped for Fast Cars all the time and this show delivered there as well! We were all getting ready to leave, and then they came back once more.

Absolutely amazing.

Please find attached some pictures. Ill post some more enjoy!

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