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by Steve

Bono and the boys were awesome again! We had GA floor tickets and were lucky enough to make it to the front section. The opening act Keane was very good IMO a lot beter than Kings of Leon which opened for them in Boston in May. U2 came out promptly at 9pm and fired off the hits (you can read those). A woman near us held a sign in front of Bono that said "Baby in my belly wants to dance with Bono". Bono brought her up hugged her and called her a "sexy mommy". She must have been only about 3 mo preggers because she was still wearing her jeans pretty tight, it was pretty good though. When Bono sang Beautifull Day he sub "See China right in front of you" with "See John Kerry right in front of you" in reference to John Kerry who was sitting in the lower lodge section nearest to The Edge. He later refrence Kerry in one of his political rants and about 80 percent of the crowd cheered and about 20 percent booed. Bono spoke a lot about Aids and his One campaign and how Tom Brady of the Patriots was the 2 millionth member to join The One campaign last night before the show. Bono joked that Tom wanted to wear the cool "One" rubber thing around his wrist to help him with his football. He also joked that the rumor T he Edge was rooting for Carolina in Super Bowl 37 wasnt true and that if Tom Brady still had a problem with The Edge that Edge would meet him at the place of his choice and that they could settle it like real men. (Edge was next to Bono during this swinging his Gutair like a baseball bat) Bono then warned Brady that he has known Edge for a long time and you don't want to mess with a man that makes his living using hand to eye coordination. Bono then sang his duet with Pavorati (Miss Sarejevo)and told the crowd Pavorati wasn't there tonight but he would also sing his part because he has gained some weight lately (which it looked like he had). He sang the song unbelievably and put so much extra effort into the Pavorati part that he couldn't get started on his next song Pride. We were right in front of him and it looked like he was done for the night as he could't catch his breathe for a minute or so while Edge kept looking at him. I think the Edge was going to start Pride on his own but Bono kept signaling him to wait and wait. Bono of course bounced back but let the crowd sing most of the song. Other notables during first encore "With or without you" he pulled a young girl and slow danced with her and sang the song to her. He did this on the ramp so his back was to us and the girl (she couldn't have been more than 20 or so) was groping him and had her hand about 2 inches from his ass. He also recieved some UK award before the 2nd encore that some UK camera crew came on stage and presented to him before he sang "All Because of you" He then put on a Red Sox Jersey for Yalweh and when he took it off for 40 he hung it on the mike stand. In a great ending Larry Mullins the last guy out on stage during 40 gets up, waves to the crowd but before he leaves he walks over to the mike stand, puts on the Red Sox jersey and walks off stage. Place went wild! I been to U2 5 times now starting in 1984 and being so close was a dream come true.

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