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by Ryan

This was my first show on the Vertigo Tour...the last time I saw the band was Halloween of '01 in Providence. Overall, it was similar in both the positive and negative ways. Back then, the highlight was hearing Party Girl and Slowdancin. This time, it was definitely Miss Serajevo. Bono's voice was both on and off...it's bizzare to hear him nail the Pavoratti piece of Serajevo, but then sound like a regional 1st round reject from American Idol when he does With or Without You. It's kinda tough to listen to after hearing the Rattle & Hum version, etc...but hey, I guess I'll cut the guy a break since he's done thousands of concerts in the last 20+ years. Bono did the standard issue pull-the-girl-on-stage thing and it seemed to distract him from actually singing...but hey, I guess the crowd still loves to see it. Anyway, it was a pleasure to hear The First Time and Whose Gonna Ride. I'd like to see them drop Beautiful Day, Elevation and / or the Ocean, and throw in Walk On, and maybe a Pop song like Gone.

I can't wait until the Chicago DVD comes out so I can hear the songs nice 'n clear...the acoustics at the BankNorth make it sound like the band is playing under water...certainly not U2's fault though.

Overall the concert is worth $50...the GAs for that amount are a huge value, and the upper deck is worth it...but for anything more it's not worth the money unless your last name is Rockafellar.

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