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by Scott Kennedy

The Irish Boys were back in Boston (their home away from home, as they recalled -played there first US city at the Paradise). I went to the first Boston show last May (I'd guess this was my 12th experience) and thought they were more energetic this first night (coming back). Not to say that May's show wasn't great, but I'd say here's an example of practice makes perfect.

Bono was right on key and hit the notes in "Sometimes You Can't Make It..." (if you know what verse I mean -the one about the reason why he sings) it was amazing how strong he sounded when he had to hit the falsetto's and his voice flowed with that harmonic soul soothing appease that tranquilizes you a bit, goosebumps as you can't help holler out.

The crowd was into this one, I mean even up in the 300's where (I was standing) you could feel the electricity from the band. I have to say this time around they got the routine down pat. The Boys worked the crowd into this show and stayed connected all night. Tom Brady had to be in the house as Bono (wearing the Red Sox home game jersey) mentioned a deal that Edge wanted to settle with and even jokingly challeged Super Bowl Tom.

Of course there were moments where Bono really connected and (somehow) he convinced a girl from the crowd to slow dance cheek to cheek with him as he sang during "With or without You" and that made her night, (and maybe her week).

What I thought was better this time around was when Bono spoke to the crowd about peace, poverty, and research is he kept it short and to the point. The music the focal point. "One" was a truely one of the highlights, Bono singing the lyrics alone are powerful, add the blue-white (candlelit like) room from cell phones text messages spelling out the mood and spirit as it was surely classic U2 concert moment.

It amazes me how the band can keep finding a way to impress, never duplicating and make each show unique from the last and leave a special memory of every show. Thank you again to the greatest band in the world, see you next tour.

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