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by Tim McQuade

This was the fourth show I have seen in 2005 and it was as amazing as the three in May. It was the first time I sat "alone" at a U2 concert... although there was no way I could feel alone with the thousands of awesome fans giving every bit of energy U2 offered right back to them.

COBL/Vertigo/Elevation was a great way to get things started. However, after seeing the performance of LAPOE on the ReACT Now Hurricane Katrina Relief Concert... I was hoping to see the show open with the boys weilding spotlights!

I love the old songs... I think that The Ocean is such a great tune to chill out with and lose yourself in ... one thing I'd like to see, though, is the band play a couple OTHER old ones. Twilight would be incredible!

Still Haven't Found was a surprise... I hadn't heard it in May... and Beautiful Day was amazing as always - especially the way the "colours came out" as Bono sang that line.

Miracle Drug/SYCMIOYO are two songs that let us see into the band's heart. Two more graced performances.

LAPOE/SBS/BTBS were as hard-hitting as ever... and I was actually really struck by the Edge's guitar during the middle of Bullet. When Bono has the blindfold on and his hands above his head... listen to the Edge's melody... unreal!

Before the staples of Pride/WTSHNN/and One (which I thought were performed with tons of heart) Miss Sarajevo was absolutely miraculous. Bono became Pavarotti.

The encore was icing on the cake... The First Time and Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses were played for my girlfriend through my cell phone... and the shout out to the Red Sox was perfect.

I've added some pictures... I had the perfect seats to get some amazing shots. Hope everyone has the chance to experience this show sometime throughout the tour!

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