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by Marti

A recent fan reviewer mentioned going solo to a concert and wondered if women do that. To which I can answer, yes they do! I was a bit intimidated to make the trek from Providence to Boston alone and without ticket in hand. But I did it and everything worked beautifully. Wished I could have taken the sweet paisano who ran the North End parking lot where I parked with me though.

The concert was excellent but different from May. Hearing Crumbs was incredible. My favorite part was watching a few guys scattered around inside the ellipse who were fanatically jumping up and down during the entire song. Seeing their pure joy in hearing Crumbs was almost better than hearing U2 play it.

Talking about One, Bono commented on hitting the 2 mil mark and that it was bigger than the NRA.

Sorry to sound so like a girl, but Bono was just adorable the entire concert. He seemed to be hugging everyone.

So many snippets at the ends of songs; the oddest one, Send in the clowns. Of course Bono pulls it off.

There was a great sign held up for Adam when he came out to the tip of the ellipse, but I couldn't read all of it. Another sign holder mentioned something about "baby due..." Must have been hoping for what happened Monday night.

The encores had a quieter feel to them this time. They were still fantastic, but felt a little shorter.

I enjoyed Keane much more than KOL. I didn't realize until halfway thru their set that they have no guitarist!

Personally I don't get the sound at Fleet. In May I was in GA and this time had a seat. Still think the sound system could be better.

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