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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by jboy

Rapturous reception from the Boston audience Bono after Streets: Wow, thats even louder than last night! And believe me, Monday was really loud.

Set very similar to Mondays (including another momentum-slowing The Ocean, which was not listed above and had Bono softly singing the lyrics to the Whos Behind Blue Eyes).

Exceptions were a ringing Crumbs From Your Table the first(!) [Bono says triumphantly, then looks at Edge shaking his head], no, the second(!) time weve played this, and finally a rousing acoustic Stuck in a Moment in the first encore in the place of last nights Wild Horses. Again, it was surprisingly effective, with everyone singing along word for word to Bono and Edge joined at the tip of the ellipse with just one (highly amplified) acoustic guitar. That song has never sounded better.

Bono was a bit low key but nevertheless quite loquacious last night, with lots of thanking of various players in the One campaign. He also took his time telling the well-worn story of how Edge came from the Future (of a different planet this time) only to reveal when asked that it is Better. The people around me were perplexed. When the cell phone lights came out before One, Bono asked What galaxy is this? Is this Edges galaxy? There was also another perfunctory pre-All Because of You photo-op for some UK media piece, this time Q Magazine, which named them Best Live Act.

Those of us wishing for more song variety on what was their fifth night this year in Boston were disappointed. They really mixed it up on their encores in May, when we were offered huge tasty treats like Bad, Until the End of the World, Out of Control, not to mention the usual Zoo TV mini-set Fly, Mysterious Ways, Zoo Station, etc. Last night they even cut the second encore short by one song (no Yahweh), so there were more than a few of us hoping that there might be a post 40 surprise (Im sure its happened but Ive never seen it). Out of 22 songs or so, switching four or five a night at the same venue (like they used to on the Elevation tour) rather than just two would seem like a reasonable proposition.

Otherwise, another great show. Best Live Act is an understatement. And to think the December shows are just around the corner.

Didnt see Keane last night but caught them Monday night. Playing to a large half empty arena is probably not their ideal setting, but still they were so much better than Kings of Leon in May it isnt funny. Melodic music, with piercing, affecting vocals. They received tremendous applause at the end of their set very well-deserved. If youre going to the U2 shows coming up in NYC its definitely worth it to get there early to see them.

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