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by nhbobcat

I know this a late review of this show considereing it is 5 days before the first Dec.show in Boston, which I am attending...WHOOO HOOOO !!! - can't wait...counting the hours...Anyway, the reason for the late review, is, I just found this site - Very cool BTW :), ok, getting to the review now...WHAT AN INCREDIBLE SHOW!!!!!! - the first time I've ever seen The Boys, and was I missing out on a special event!!!, I've been a fan since the begining, growing up in Boston were the band was debuted on WBCN, thank you Carter Allen, but although I was fan, I never for whatever reason got to any of the shows and you know how much they play Boston, but I was always shut out, until now, It was worth the wait, my seats were crap, balcony Sec.319, my back against the wall, any furthere away and I would be outside, But even that didnt diminish the concert, even that far away, Ive never felt more "part" of a show, and Ive seen every one from Metallica to Garth Brooks and many more, But nothing compares to this show, They are truly the greatest live band, so many highlights to the show, I went with a truly dedicated U2 fan, She has seen them 20+ times, and She was telling me all the great moments, definetly SIAMYCGOO done accoustically, WOW!!!, hearing the clear crisp chords struck off of Edge's guitar were incredible, an absolulty stunning version of that song, which I love, the way did Elevation with just Edge making that sound on his guitar and Bono singing with the crowd, and when Larry kicks in with drums on the second verse!!!!, man, I still get chills thinking about it, so many more songs, definetly got my moneys worth that nite, But I wish I could put into words that band/crowd interaction, I truly have never seen anything quite like it and can't wait for Dec.4th show and I have much better seats, only 8 rows from the stage.... and oh yeah, I turned 40 on Oct.3rd but so cool to hear 40 on Oct.4th, thanks boys!!!, it was an incredible nite and what a topper, THE perfect way to end the show, I'll never forget walking out of The Garden and hearing everyone still singing 40...Howwwww Longgg to sing this songgg....Howwww Longgg to sing this songgg :)

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