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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by nick

So much richness in one concert. Of course we hope for the transcendent moments and the massive uplift but it's easy to take for granted just how great U2 are at tight as all hell rock.
City of Blinding Lights cranks up the excitement factor to 10 as suddenly the large guy next to you who hasnt moved in 3hours is suddenly jumping uncontrollably, throwing arms up and singing stuff like "oh you are so beautiful". Yes, this is stadium rock.
Vertigo, Elevation and I Will Follow absolutely pumped. Great to hear one of the Boy songs.
The pairing of Stuck in Moment and Sometimes You Cant Make it on your own with AOH hit you hard. What really grabbed you was how much Bono was really giving to us in the high notes for Sometimes You Cant Make It. God he was pushing himself! So many colours and emotional turns. You have it all from the uplift of Beautiful Day to the sexiness of Mysterious Ways. You hear all these songs and your mind thinks large vistas
The classics were all there and they're still sinking in. They're all still so fresh. The concert was for me perfect. Rare for something so big. Kite was a great closer. The bonus Edge solo was a classic. It's one of my top U2 songs and make perfect sense when you think of other closers like 40 and Love is Blindness. We know it cant last and it's back to fill that God shaped hole - but with just a little bit more help from four guys in a band.

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