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by Owen Prince


So I’ve come down off the high of Saturday night. Gone off to attend some family functions. Always knowing and always looking forward to my second U2 engagement in as many nights.

Got in around the 8:30pm mark. Wasn’t too fussed about not seeing Kayne West a second time. Although I have to say he was a lot better than most people seemed to be telling me he was. I enjoyed his set.

Tonight I had seating tickets, some of the last 500 released. From where we were we could see everything except Larry and his kit.

Let me just say that we had no idea how awesome the crowd on the field looked and how amazing the sea of humanity! I was amazed to think that the night before I had been in the middle of it all and now I was able to enjoy it and just take it in.

When the hands were waving from side to side during Elevation it was like watching some sort of coral on the floor of the Great Barrier Reef. Just this mass of arms waving in time together. A sight I will never ever forget.

Suprises all around tonight!! I just about jumped out of my skin when Until the End of the World kicked in and almost fainted with joy when The First Time was played. Bono said it was the first time they had played it anywhere so that is pretty special hey!

Poor old Edge “a perfectionist” to quote his lead singer “I turn my back for one minute…” when his guitar got fuzzy and a touch tinny I could almost see flashes of the Elevation DVD from Boston when he got a touch testy after some issues during Gone. But it was a hell of a come back. And it just got better.

Streets has got to be the best live track in the world. Even the most humble and quiet person would come out of their shells and rock out to it!

Unchained Melody attached to One put a smile on my face that nobody could wipe away. Just too brilliant and so many Zoo TV watching’s came flooding back to me!

Oh who saw Party Girl coming?? Not me! My fiancé never even knew it existed (she is still a bit of a U2 newbie in a lot of ways) but she got right into it.

Also, is the person who scored the Kite which failed to leave Telstra Dome the luckiest person in Melbourne or what?? Oh yeah I think so!!

Now Bad. What a closer. What a song. Ruby Tuesday, a touch of 40 and then it was done. The dream was over. If only I could have them live every night!

No voice today, no voice for my fiancé either. But it was all worth it. Two of the greatest nights of my life (until I get married of course….)

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