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by Michael

Sunday's concert was absolutely outstanding!

U2 ripped off at the start City Of Blinding Lights which sounded absolutely terrific, it is one of my favourite songs. Vertigo, the lighting for Vertigo nearly gave me Vertigo! Vertigo had the whole crowd singing along, the atomosphere was great, the band and the crowd were one... The boys then ripped into Elevation where all the crowd around us were waving their hands from side to side and "wooo'ing" constantly.

The lights fell, and we waited before they ripped into Until the End of the World, where the visuals were just spectacular, but not many people around me knew the words.

Things started to slow down, for "Still Haven't Found" which was dedicated to an African Archbishop who was at the show, his first rock show. After the somber notes of Still Haven't Found, they ripped into Beautiful Day before kicking off into Angel Of Harlem.

During Angel of Harlem, just before hand, Edge messed up his guitar... with Bono going, "See... I turn my back for just a second..."

They played The First Time after that, a slow almost romantic song, for literally the first time live ever. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own followed where Bono said that he had to take off his glasses for that song. (In an interview, he takes his glasses off for this song, because as it is dedicated to his dad, he recalled a time in a pub where he was talking to his Dad, and he told him to 'take off those ******* glasses!").

The lights went down and came back up again a dark red as the boys ripped into Love and Peace Or Else which was truly spectacular. Bono picked up a headband from the crowd which said "Coexist". C being the muslim cresent, X being David's star, and T being the Christian cross. Bono plays the drums in this song. Spectacular. The song ends on some heavy notes, very angry notes before diving into Sunday Bloody Sunday where the whole crowd, myself included where yelling out "NO MORE! NO MORE!". At this point he pleaded for the war in the middle east to stop -- He chanted "Jesus, Jews, Mohammed, all sons of Abraham". Sunday Bloody Sunday was classic! Bullet the Blue Sky followed in full rage! With an aircraft picture on the big screens it was fantastic, reminding me of the ZooTV concerts I had seen where he was singing about people in El Salvador being bombed.

Bono sung part of Hands that built America and Johnny coming home while blindfolded while nearly blowing himself up with his little firecracker thing.

The pace slowed down for a lovely tenor song, Miss Sarajevo (which was written during the Bosnian war). Next was the Human rights scrolling on the screen, which meant one thing... PRIDE IN THE NAME OF LOVE! Absolutely fantastic, everyone in our row was working with eachother singoing our hearts out, as the song morphed into Where The Streets Have No Name. Bono then started "One" which was followed by Unchained Melody. During one he asked people to take out their phones and SMS them, for the Make Poverty History campaign. Purpose of this being that they would send the names to politicians. I did message my name, because I reckon poverty in the poverty countriees is utter crap! However, I do have some other bits and pieces to add to the MPH campaign which I won't discuss here.

They went off stage.
Crowd went nuts, They came back with The Fly and Mysterious Ways... They were great, and With or Without You was a nice song to listen too, so easy...

They then did The Saints are Coming, which was "OK" but I am no major fan of it... Party Girl was a surprise, and out of the other two people I was with, I was the only one that knew the words.

Kite followed, which was so emotional, especially with the didgeridoo and the kite flying into the sky, getting lodged in Telstra dome's roof. I found myself crying to myself during this song, after losing a valued family member (happened to be my dog of 16 years... a couple of months back). I found myself thinking about her, I don't know why, and was singing goodbye to her during this song..

It would appear that Bono didn't know about ending the concert with Bad/40/Ruby Tuesday.. but I have my suspicions that it was partially an act. So we ended on that note... How long to sing this song!


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