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by jon Lyndon

The "Vertigo Tour" marks the 9th time I have seen U2 in concert, and the first time I have ever seen them outside of the USA, or more precisely, New England. It is always a blessing seeing them, although I doubt any show of theirs will ever top the very first time I have seen them perform live, in 1984. That night is a spiritual photograph in time and music for me, like that first kiss with a beautiful girl.

And that was the first night it was mentioned that I look like Bono and have been hearing it repeatedly ever since. Not a bad thing really, but I'm a bit off track.

Seeing the U2 show in Australia was almost like seeing them again for that first time. There was a new sense of spiritual energy that I cannot recall feeling since that first show near Boston, Mass. Some of it may have to do with the fact that Peter Garret was there and U2 played a bit of "Beds Are Burning" (U2 always seem to pull a virtual rabbit out of their magic hat!).

Surrounded by thousands of Aussie's as an American I could not help but think of Sting and his song "Englishman in New York." It was a different party, yet somehow I truly felt at home. Even when Bono came out with the OZ flag, and the beautiful Southern Cross instead of the good ole' Red, White & Blue I had always been used to seeing, and I still felt a certain amount of Pride.

I married an Aussie girl, hopefully within a few months time I will have my Permanent Residency status, just as the boys in the band gain their American rights. Bloody hell, they played 'Party Girl", a song I've been missing since that first show; I take that as a sign.

And true to form, U2 were extremely impressive, passionate, spot on, musically tight. So what there was a little mistake at the end of the show with "Goodnight Sydney!" I felt the "boos" from the crowd more like everyone was in on a private joke all in good taste. I thought it was Bono who said those words, however I just read a review that stated it was The Edge who spoke them. I guess it does not really matter. Melbourne quickly forgave the Irish boys, as expected, and The Edge made amends with all of Australia.

From "City of Blinding Lights" right thru and to the in-the-moment impromptu of the "Bad/Medley", they proved as they do time and again that they are truly the loudest and the best folk rock band in the world, from America to Australia.

That night I dreamt in Red.

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