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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by george g

This was my first real concert worth mentioning... i was new to college life and a friend of mine scored some tickets...he worked for the school paper and received complimentary tickets (almost backstage passes too) i was a fairly new u2 fan... only heard Achtung Baby 2 times ... i remember walking into texas stadium and just being Awe struck by the mere size of the stage and the cars hanging from the rafters... the entire night i was blown away... i remember enjoying bjork on stage... first time i had ever seen or heard of her... and i remember the male singer of sugar cubes had a shirt that said F*** on it... i thought that was so funny at the time... i was still innocent then... in one regard this was a horrible first show to see... since then i have compared every concert/ show to Zoo tv... and nothing has been able to compete with the show... i really remember watching the show and making mental notes to myself "remember this happened... remember that" i remember very little about the night because it was sensory overload... especially "The Fly" ....i remember from that night on Ultra violet light has been my fav U2 song... the spirit moved and still does in that song....

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