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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by BHigh

Wow, It was my 21st birthday and my parents got me tickets to go see U2 in Dallas!!! I couldn't believe it... Floor seats, granted way back, but still, on the floor!!! I traveled the 5 hour drive from Northeast La to Dallas, Tx and got to the stadium at like 3 in the afternoon. Listened to soundcheck from outside the venue, I was one of the first through the gate. When I got on the floor there was an orange colored faux-fur trimmed porta-john right next to the sound board. The technician asked me if I had anything to confess. I had no idea what the video confessional was... remember this was pre-Real World so I just talked about the upcoming election (Clinton-Bush) and You could imagine my surprise when My talking head showed up on the Zoo Tv Screens while we waited for an encore!!! This was my best birthday ever!!! The show was incredible, and I'm pleased to report that U2tours.com are the first that I've seen who correctly state Sugarcubes as one of the opening acts... I have seen BAD-II wrongly listed countless times... It was an incredible evening... My highlight was Redemption Song... BHigh

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