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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Kelly Turner

I was the guitar player for the opening band, Adam Stone. (We were all Lubbock boys, and thought it was cool that an Irish band was coming through town.) After U2 finished their sound check, one of them (either Bono or the Edge) asked me if they could have my shirt (it was a Texaco gas station attendant style shirt). I replied no, I really was planning to wear it onstage later. Of course, now I wished I had complied with his request.

During their set, in front of a crowd of maybe 50 people, the bass player from my band and I played pool in the adjoining game room. I would occasionally poke my head around the corner, and we were both impressed with their sound and show. (Duh!!!) I remember mainly thinking that Bono was putting every drop of energy he had into this show in front of a small crowd. A few months later (or maybe a year?) I saw them interviewed by Tom Snyder on his "Later" show, and they mentioned Lubbock, so I got a thrill to think that they maybe remembered our band and town.

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