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by michael

This was a standard, good show. But I was disappointed by it. The fans I met in line were from all over the US, drawn by the idea that it was to be the last show of the tour. Instead, it is a middle-of-the-tour show, and the setlist reflects it. Why not "Out of Control"? (a personal peeve); "New Year's Day" again? ugh. Musically, the band was tight, the tightest I've seen them in a while, but tightness also leaves no room for improvisation. I've seen 3 other Elevation shows this year, so I basically knew what to expect. It wasn't untl the acoustic segment that the show transcended normal. "Wild Honey" was cool, I had seen the premiere in Jersey but this was tighter. "Please" was great, but a full-band version would have been better. The "People" segment was fun, the girl was all rock-starred out and did a great job. The highlight was "Bad" with a lot of "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" in, not just a line, but Edge changing the guitar line, reminiscent of the "Bad/All I want is you" from back in the day. The crowd was all standing, all singing the whole time, which I would expect from a show where everyone came from all around the country. "Streets" took the crowd to a new level. "What's Going On" with Gwen at the end was cool and "Still Haven't Found" was preferable to WOWY in the same slot (same graphics on the crowd). NY rocked, but lacked the passion of the Letterman performance. Bullet was crazy, with Edge shattering my skull- I was 3 people back from his side of the stage. "One" was nice, but "Walk On" seemed forced compared to Jersey- the different way of singing "Halle-Halle....Ahleh-Loo-yah" irked me, since I prefer the old way. A personal highlight was Eddie Vedder, who came into the heart just before U2 came on and he was cool, taking pics with a bunch of fans, including a group from Seattle. Before the music started, security had him stand behind the rail, just below the spot where Bono sang in the spotlight on several occasions. Tom of No Doubt was in also, and walking out I was the drummer (dressed) in the GC seats chatting with a friend. No Doubt did a great set- I'm not even a fan! Security on the GA line was the best I've seen or heard of (no line jumpers at all!). I was #360 in line and I was as close to the stage as I was in Jersey in June when I was #130 in line. Anyone in the first 400 who wanted in the heart got in...Great fans in line from KC, Seattle, SLC etc... also Phil from this site and Ayaz- great seeing you guys again.

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