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by Ann

The boys came through, as always, but what really surprised me was how much the event staff at Thomas and Mack came through for the GA nutcases. What a way to keep the fans in line and honor the numbering system. And to put astro-turf out for us to sit on - bravo!! I think 400 people were in line by 9am - one of the most humerous points being when the news crew came in and said the first person in line had been there since Thursday at 10am. (I'm sorry, but come on - did you fly over the arena, not see anyone in line yet and assume you were first? Must have been a fun Vegas vacation for you...) The only real complaint I have is that the first people were not allowed on the property until 8am, so they decided to move to some random parking lot and start numbering themselves. We were at the arena for over an hour before we were aware of this, so got pushed back that much further. But it all turned out OK in the end. The day was full of some of the greatest U2 fans I have ever met - cheers to Christina and Grant from BC, Randy, Melissa and the gerbil racing 'cops' from Georgia, Amber and Kerry(?) and to mini-Bono. Keep in touch!

I ended up just behind the railing directly in front of Adam - what a sexy man! He seemed to be in an exceptionally good mood, very smiley and interactive with the crowd. (My 5th member sign got a few laughs out of him.) No real surprises in the set list - I actually had a bit higher expectations considering we were in Vegas, but just the usual. The girl who got pulled up was great! The Wild Horses verse at the end of Bad and Can't Help Fallin' in Love after One were nice touches. I left realizing that I had not missed WOWY at all - all in all a stellar performance.

Unfortuantely I think this is my last Elevation show, unless they hit Australia next year in which case I will definitely be there. Thanks to all the GA-ers for the great memories! Take Care.

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