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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Glendon Kushner

Well, U2 finally made it to Las Vegas. I have listened to many a bootleg from this tour, and I have to say, U2 can still outdo themselves, even when you have a basic idea what the show will be like. The band, at this point is well-oiled, and played seamlessly throughout the night. The duet of Bono and Gewn Stefani {From "No Doubt"} the opening act, was a really great rendition of "What's Goin On". The acoustic version of "Wild Honey" was a nice suprise. Bono dedicated a song to a gentleman in an Elvis outfit {nice Elvis impersonation, actually}.
The band pulled "Can't Help Fallin' In Love WIth You" out of their hat, which was a nice suprise. U2 have become masters of their audience, and took control from the first note to the last. Bono thanked the audience for giving the band a great life, and expressed their pride at touring America at this point in time. Another nice touch was the displaying of all the names of the victims from the hijacked airplanes on September 11th, during "One".
All in all, U2 still remains one of the most influential bands of it era, and we are lucky to be around to see these guys, who are STILL in their prime 15 years after their masterpiece, The Joshua Tree.

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