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by Fat-Toni

Well, the last stop on my Elevation tour...and what a stop it was! I travelled from DC to see this show with my friend from NY, and although I was slightly jaded after seeing the unbelievable MSG 10/27, this show was still incredible! As I've said before, the fans make the experience all the more enjoyable and since I was lucky enough to be in GA, it made it even sweeter (Chris and Kathy, hope you guys had a blast....it was great meeting you both...will look you up in FL if ever down there again). It's always fun to meet fans that are at their first show and see their reaction to the songs, especially if they don't know the setlist. Except for some a-hole in front of us (green shirt w/ red and white stripes) pushing some girl out of the way so he could just stand there and not move during the whole show, I love being in the precense of all the fans. Hope I didn't step on too many toes. Anyway, on to the show (sorry, this is gonna be a long one since it's my last):

First off, No Boubt absolutely rocks. A perfect band to get the crowd going and a lot of fun to watch. Wish the acoustics were better for them. Would see them again if I had the chance.

Elevation - Amazing as usual. Was thinking maybe they'd slip in the "In God's Country" verse to close it like they did in Phoenix since we were again in the "desert sky", but just the standard Jubilation ending. Still such a great opener.

Beautiful Day - Again, awesome energy to add to the beginning of the performance. Bono adds the "All about soul" chorus to the end again.

UTEOTW - Better and better every time I see it. Turns everyone into an air guitarist, wish I had the talent to play the real one!

NYD - Great song, still much better live, crowd gave it's all to sing the chorus and it sounded awesome.

I Will Follow - You know, I never really like this song on the albumn or on Popmart...but now I look forward to hearing it at every show. It's such a great great live song. I literally was off my feet half the time.

SBS - Great as usual. I know people say the whole hugging the American flag act seems played, but it's still touching every time I see it. I do miss the Bob Marley snippets, but the flag part is much more fitting and appropriate.

SIAM / Kite - Excellent songs every time. Bono says a few words about Kite being for anyone who has lost a loved one. His solo guitar part at the end is fantastic, wish it was added on ATYCLB.

Wild Honey - Much better than the version in NJ. Definitely a much tighter song and a great suprise.

PGR - First time hearing this for me. I love the fact that they pull a fan up to play this with them. (yeah yeah, I PAID to see U2, but for one song it's worth the audience interaction) Julie (Crick I think?) did an awesome job. Moving down the heart, smiling all the way and keeping perfect time. Very happy for you. Wish I had the skill to even think of trying it! Nice shades.

Please - Not many words I can use to describe this one. Being my second favorite U2 song of all, I can't tell you how happy I am they threw this one in. This time was even better than NYC, even without the piano. Such a fitting song for this time, and such an awesome song to hear live.

Bad/WGRYWH - Still one of the top two songs of every show. Although I love All I Want is You, I would not trade it for the energy and emotion of Bad. This is one of those songs you gather around your friends or fellow fans and just belt out the lyrics the whole time. I loved the addition of Horses at the end, especially with Edge playing a few chords. I've never heard it live and it sounds like it would be such a great song in concert....maybe next time around.

Streets - I think everyone agrees this performance is unmatched in crowd excitement and enthusiasm, and I know everyone comments on how great it is, but just I have to add my thoughts as well. I can't think of another song which gives me chills every time I hear it, or expect to hear it. I've watched the Streets live performance from U2.com about a hundred times, and still I am blown away by the energy of this song every time I see it. It never diminishes for me. Unbelievable. And the added bonus is to look around and see thousands of people doing the same thing I'm doing. Absolutely the highlight of every show for me.

ISHFWILF/ Pride - Also great songs that I enjoy more and more each time I see them performed live. ISHF was a nice addition and although not one of my favorites, a fantastic song to maintain crowd involvement. I know Pride has basically never left the setlist for years, but how can you drop a song that gives an audiance reaction like this one does every night?

Bullet - Wow! As my friend commented after the show, Edge does some amazing stuff in this song. The band just jams and it sounds incredible. I miss the Mark Chapman rant, but the "Outside is America" w/ the spinning spotlight is pretty powerful.

What's Going On - I like the full version of this song better than the snippet we got in NYC. Gwen is a great addition and both their voices compliment each other perfectly. I didn't know all the words, but it still was nice to sing along with the chorus.

NY - Much more meaningful this time around. Obvioulsy not as good as in NYC, but still powerful and exciting

One/ CHFIL - Emotional rollercoaster...that's all I can say. Such a perfect song to compliment the backdrop, and the scrolling names across the screen and arena are so powerful and haunting it's hard not to get choked up. I think that impression will stay with me forever, whenever I hear that song. Can't help falling in love was a fantastic addition and so fitting for Vegas...and Elvis.

Walk On - Now one of my favorite songs, this one still remains one of the best closing songs I can think of. I did like the old Hallelujah verse on the first leg better, but it really doesn't detract from the song's energy and meaning. Such a great song to close with, even if I did wish they would just keep on playing.

So, that's it for me. I 'm so glad I got to experience this show so many times, and with so many great people. Thank you all for making this tour the best one of my life. Hope we can do it again soon. Enjoy the rest of the leg!



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