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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by The Chad

From San Jose to Phoenix, Salt Lake to Vegas, my elevation continues. Each show has been unique in a certain way so let me tell you about Las Vegas. Starting with the GA line:
It was a line where good karma was in play. (Grace still being the higher law) SJ and I showed up around 3:45 in the afternoon on Saturday and found ourselves 33 and 34 on the list. The line reconvened in the T&M parking lot at 12:30 just to be moved across the street around 2:30 AM. My mummy bag and a fold out chair got me to the morning. T&M staff lined us up and prepared for the ants marching across the street and back to the arena around 9:00 AM. As they stopped traffic for the line (of over 300 at this point) I couldnt help but yell out, Rock & Roll Stops The Traffic. T&M had prepared an area inside a chain link fence with green carpet for the line and they were VERY organized.
The crowd for Las Vegas was global. I met people from almost every state in the union and from as far away as Australia and Europe. I met Dano, the Bono look alike. Anyone who was there knows who I am talking about. Leather coat, camo cap, light blue shades, the talk and the walk. As most people in line had caught the show before there seemed to be less tension and a more peaceful feeling in line. Doughnuts, pictures and stories were shared to pass the day.
Finally, we ditched our gear and prepared to go in. At the pat down I pulled out my 3 disposable cameras, 2 glow sticks, and an American flag... And now deep in the heart again.
I was front center in the heart behind the NY crew. I had fallen in love with Gwen Stefani of No Doubt at the Salt Lake show so the NY crew let us against the rail for her performance. They absolutely rocked! During Simple Kind Of Life Gwen bent down while pointing in my face saying, you look like youd be a good dad... The crowd around me went crazy. Thank you Gwen. Their Reggae addition was a one man show doing the robot and spraying us with a water bottle. He remembered SJ and I from Salt Lake and came and shook both of our hands.
Now for the boyz!
The crowd knew exactly when U2 would be coming out. Just after the 2nd Beatles song was played over the PA everyone started cheering. SJ had been talking about how smooth U2 come out on stage and true to form these boys from Dublin walk out loose, comfortable and focused to elevate the room. Elevation exploded through the arena as the band took it upon themselves to boost the energy of every individual in the arena that night. With amazing efficiency they went through the now classic line up leading to Kite (which is always a touching song for me) followed by another remarkable acoustic performance of Wild Honey with The Edge doing an amazing vocal. Bono found a girl at the tip of the heart and said, This girl says she can play the guitar. He helped her on stage and The Edge passed her a guitar (Dallas brought The Edge another one). They played People Get Ready as The Edge walked backwards on the heart ramp she followed with a huge smile. Bono tailed behind throwing in lines like even though she likes The Edge better.... He held the mic to her mouth at the end of the song as she wailed a long and strong last note. Bono smiled and said, I remember when I was that confident. Please was moving, Bad found itself in the company of Whos Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses once again and Streets rocked! Bono saw Dano standing a few people to the right of me. He pointed at him and smiled saying, Amusing!. Later he reached down and gave Dano a strong hand shake. Bono also recognized Elvis stage right in the stands against the rail. (Nice jumpsuit) Still Havent Found and Pride made being a fan a no-brainer. The encores started with Bullet then Marvin Gayes Whats Going On. Gwen came out part way through the song to duet wearing a new outfit. She sang beautifully and then began to have problems with her belt falling off. Bono smiled and stepped in close to help her with her buckle. The crowd went wild (and I was envious). New York was powerful and then the emotional One. A fan to my left stretched forth a lighter. Bono crouched on the end of the stage and stretched out his hand to the flame. He let the light touch each finger as he sang and coiled them back on occasion as the heat began to burn. He finished One with Cant Help Falling in Love and sent us home with Walk On. I made eye contact and touched the hand of a living legend. I was delirious.
As we exited the arena the altruistic nature of the fans was still evident as one approached SJ and I and said, I saw you guys up there, did you get any picks? I did.. and then handed each of us one of Bonos red guitar picks and walked away. Thanks man.
Viva Las Vegas

Chad Anderson
Salt Lake City, Utah

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