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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Margaret

First off, bad sound! The acoustics were not too good in this arena and U2 seemed a little tired. They were great with their first 3 songs, which I thought were a bit sloppy during their previous 2 shows in Oakland. Until the End of the World (one of my favorites) was all that it could be. I find it strange that they've included that song in nearly every one of their shows since ZooTV despite the fact that it's not really a favorite of fans.

There were multiple Elvi in the house and they did I Can't Help Falling in Love as a tribute. Bono said that Las Vegas is a place of wild imaginings and fantasy and that imagination could be used to envision a fairer world. Ouch. The sharp relief of reality.

Bonos voice was fairly weak. Edge did quite a bit of singing, having a whole line of Wild Honey to himself. Its extraordinary how much he sounds like Bono. U2 are pretty lucky they have in Edge a great guitarist, engineer, and backup singer!

They got a guitar player from the audience--a woman who played decently. She was supposed to follow Edge around, but all she was interested in was Bono. Bono sang a few lines about her, wearing sandals and fly shades. She sang into Bonos microphone and Bono commented after the song was over that she had a lot of confidence.

Okay, this may not seem too important, unless youre a big Larry fan, but from my awful vantage behind the stage I could spot some kind of orange colored drink near Larry. My guess is that during a concert Larry's drink of choice is orange Gatorade. More Larry trivia: there was a sign in the heart that read "Let Larry Sing." (After you've seen a few shows, you start zeroing in on the minutiae.)

This was the third and final show I saw from the 3rd leg. I think the setlist could have been improved by adding something a little more upbeat. (They did add Mysterious Ways to their following LA and Sacramento shows which, boo-hoo, I didn't attend). And I would have loved to have heard Staring at the Sun and Gone. I know it's a longshot, but one day I'd like to hear Lemon live, and while Im at it, I might as well make it known that a full band version of Ground Beneath Her Feet would be welcome.

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