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by Steve Laxalt

Well, I am the same age as Bono and the rest of the band & I saw them the first time at the Cow Palace in San Francisco about 20 years ago. After seeing them on each tour throughout the years with all of their different approaches to entertain us---this stripped down and personal style of show was excellent. I have to asay that U2 looks and sounds better than ever. No more role playing or anything like that. Perfect example is the way they make sure we all know how much they appreciate our support and thanking us to be in the USA. Another example is the fact that the spotlights are rarely in Bono's face anymore. They want the crowd to feel involved. Their music is excellent and I can't believe the spread of age groups that were at the show. MAYBE 16-60 YEARS OLD. We will be taking our 3 year old daughter to Sacramento to see them on Tuesday!!!One last note: Bono was outside the T & M center before the show with crew and we were lucky to see him and show him our old u2 hat and an old ZOO TV scarf. He grinned and gave us the peace sign. After the show when everyone went wild when they were leaving the building, we saw him again and he saw the items for the second time and looked simply amazed. It was fun.

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