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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by J-Lowe

Long-time fan, first time show, along with my wife who's six months pregnant. The best thing for me about Damian Marley was his impressive dreds; his 45 minutes seemed to end none too soon. Even up in the nosebleeds (Section 403, Row 12, Seats 3 &4), the stage and lighting design were the best I've ever seen in more than 20 years of concertgoing. I'm pretty sure something was wonky with the feed for the overhead video screens; they didn't get up until "Electric Co." and then flickered in and out for much of the show. Not only did Bono hit the high notes on "Sometimes...," he really held them in the bridge and on "Miss Sarajavo" - opera indeed! Loved getting a return text message from Bono during "One" - I'll never delete it! Personally glad to get "Stuck..." and "Fast Cars." Bono put on a white glittery cowboy hat from the audience, but had it on backwars. Was it just me, or did Adam seem to be grabbing at his crotch as he exited during "40"? Very gangsta! Quality show: they really do work harder than anyone else touring. Best of all, my wife said our daughter-to-be was flip-flopping during the entire show! If you can afford it, don't miss a chance to catch them as they finish up the year.

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