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by Chad

I arrived at the Toyota Center about 10:00 and was number 109 in the line. We sat all day and everyone was great about coming and going while waiting. The Toyota Center people seperated us into two lines; those who were .com members and the regular general admission. The .com members pretty much got screwed over. I was in the general admission line and ended up in the elipse, front row and center. The energy was great, and the crowd was loud. At one point, Bono stopped after the song and looked over to Edge smiling and made comments about the loudness. Everyone stood the whole show, even nose-bleeds.
I had a U.S. flag that Bono made reference to during the show. Highlights of the show were pretty much every song as it was a great set-list. Miss Sarajevo was awsome. Bono's voice was in top form. I got one of Edge's guitar picks. It pays to call in sick at work and sit all day for the chance to be in the front. Great show!

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