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by Pamela A. Linn

After years and years of devotion, I finally made it to my first U2 concert. They were definitely worth the wait!

Edge's first appearance on stage moved me to tears. I think what struck me most about these guys was there profound energy on stage. Bono hopped and jumped about to his tunes, then strolled around the elipse grinning up at his fans--I swear he saw me! Edge was hypnotic. It's one thing to jam to these tunes full blast from a CD, but to hear these songs live...AMAZING! His playing just swept me away. They truly made me appreciate what talented musicians they are.

The light show was fantastic and very much in sync with songs like Beautiful Day and Streets so that the entire place exploded with blinding lights. Woo hooo!

My favorite moments were Bono's improvised flamenco dancing after draping a Mexican flag over his shoulder, hearing the older tunes like Electric Co. and I Will Follow, discovering Edge's true origins (Zootopia, didn't you know?), hearing Bono's very personal mention of his father before Sometimes, slow dancing with my hubby to One, and just watching Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry smiling and having just as much fun as I was.

I walked away ecstatic and elated and very sore from my constant jumping, dancing, and cheering--they were worth it! A PHENOMENAL experience. I definitely need to catch another show before the year is up. U2 concert withdrawl is painful.

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